God vs Chaos

Topics: Satan, God, Good and evil Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Jeffrey Hill
Week 3 – God’s struggle with Chaos

“God’s Struggle with Chaos in the Book of Job”

The Book of Job introduces us to a side of God that is very rarely depicted in the Bible. For the first time, the notion that God protects the good and punishes the evil is challenged. In the Book of Job a mythical sea creature, referred to as a Leviathan, is referred to multiple times. This creature represents the chaos in this world that is outside of God’s control. In the Book of Job an honest God fearing man, Job, losses all his material possessions, his family, and his health due to a deal between God and Satan. Satan attempts to prove to God that Job only believes because he has a comfortable life and has no reason not to believe. Therefore, God allows Satan to challenge Job by stripping him of everything that makes his life so wonderful.

After Job has suffered at the hands of Satan and begins to question his faith in the Lord, God speaks to him from a whirlwind. It is through this discussion that we begin to understand the constant battle between God and chaos. The idea that good and evil, order and chaos, happiness and sadness, all have to coexist in this universe is much like the idea of the yin and yang in Eastern religions. I believe that the chaos represented by the Leviathan is the absence of God. God created this universe with only good, however evil and chaos was released into the world when the forbidden fruit was eaten in the Garden of Eden. God’s power is proven because he was able to tame the Leviathan, something that no human could do. The ultimate lesson of the struggle between God and chaos is that there are some things in this world that are beyond our comprehension. Job begins to understand this fact after speaking with God. Job is left with very few answers, but now understands that God’s will cannot be known by man.
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