God the Oldest Question

Topics: Atheism, Question, Religion Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: February 26, 2006
This book written by author, William J. O'Malley asks the questions about God and the existence of God. O'Malley tries to show people why faith in a God is important and in this book he goes through atheism, science, and different world religions to make a case for the profound significance of God. He debates the belief and unbelief of if there really is a God and why it matters to decide what a person believes. In the first chapter, O'Malley talks about human nature and the question of "Are we the only species cursed with a hunger for a food that doesn't exist?" I think O'Malley is saying that there is something inside of us that seeks fulfillment He is asking if humans are the only species on Earth that has a need for something in their lives that they can not see, God. O'Malley had such a yearning and hunger for God, but it is not true that all people and all atheists also have this yearning for God. As a Christian, I can understand and appreciate O'Malley's views on this because there are times when I feel like I am missing something in my life spiritually. However, a friend of mine that calls himself an atheist does not have this particular hunger for God. I have asked him if there are times in his life when he feels like there is no one around that can help him and if he feels as though the only one to turn to is God. He told me that no, he never feels that way. So, I think it is a general statement that O'Malley is making when he says that all people have this yearning or hunger for God. In the second chapter of this book, O'Malley debates a case for atheism stating that no one really knows that there is not a God. According to O'Malley, true atheists have basically lost all hope and see the world as a grim reflection of their own lack of purpose. I would have to argue this point, even though I do believe there is a God and life is better knowing Him, but can anyone really say that without God people who claim to be atheists lack any hope, moral...
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