God Sees the Truth but Waits

Topics: Prison, Merchant, Climax Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: January 18, 2013

* In the town of Vladimir lived a merchant named Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov along with his family.

* One summer, Aksionov planned to go to the Nizhny Fair to sell all his goods but was stopped by his wife who told him to go another day because she had a bad dream about him wherein he took off his cap and his hair was quite gray.

* Aksionov did not heed his wife’s plea and continued on to his journey.

* When he had reached the halfway point, he met a fellow merchant who he knew and they stayed at the same inn for the night, drinking tea together and sleeping in adjoining rooms.

* As it was not his habit to sleep late and wanting to leave before it became too warm, he left the inn before dawn.

Rising Action:

* When he had gone about 25 miles, he stopped at another inn to rest, have a samovar be heated and for his horses to be fed as well.

* Suddenly, a troika drove up to the inn, followed by two soldiers who came to him and asked him who he was, where he came from, where he stayed the night and if he was alone or with a fellow-merchant.

* Aksionov found out from the police-officer of the district that the other merchant was found with his throat cut.

* The soldiers searched his things and found a blood-stained knife in his bag.

* Aksionov was too nervous to answer the police-officer’s questions of why he had the knife in his bag so they assumed that it was guilt and he was taken into their custody and brought to the nearest town to be imprisoned.

* Enquiries were done to investigate his character which found him to be a good man but when the trial came on, he was charged with murdering the merchant from Ryazan and robbing him of twenty thousand rubles.

* His wife was able to visit him in prison with their children but in the end was also one of the people who suspected him of doing the crime.

* Aksionov, feeling that no one believed him, gave up all hope and turned to God and trusted Him with everything.

* For 26...
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