God, Science Debate

Topics: Universe, God, Human Genome Project Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: May 19, 2013
God science debate
Wide spread myth that science has always been on a collision course with the belief in God and so therefore, natural science and faith in God are incompatible. Argued by the new atheists - that science leads away from God.- leads to atheism. Myth; significant natural science project of this generation is the human genome project. First director of it was Jim Watson- discovered the double helix structure of DNA he was an atheist. 2d director - Francis Collins hes a Christian who was part of the discovering of the human genome project. Top scientist same project, same techniques of analysis, so what divides them is their world view. Conflict is not between science and religion but much deeper, it is between two different world views. 3 families of world views

Ancient Greek world were fascinated by the universe.
Big questions they asked themselves; what is ultimate reality??? Atomist - Ultimate reality consisted of mass energy. They believed that atoms form galaxies, stars, planets, worlds, and the idea of God. - World view materialism Two diametrically opposed world views:

You are forming your world view.
Jim Watson – materialistic view
Francis Collins – theistic view as a Christian.
Not do science and religion cancel each other out, but where does science sit in relation to those two world views. Two presentations of two different world views with natural science in the middle. Is natural science neutral or does it point to materialism or does it point to theism, you can establish any kind of answer by considering the evidence. Evidence sources 1. History of science,

2. Philosophy of science
3. Results of science.
History of the universe, invested interest in understanding it gives us a concept of our identity. Personal God- and we are made in his image.
History of science - modern science explosive rise.
Motor that drive science;
Science is claiming authority to realise it’s not coexistence with rationality. Rise of...
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