God Loves Cheerful Givers

Topics: Poverty, Africa, Mental retardation Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Sharing from our wealth and valuable possessions with our fellow beings who are in need of it is an act of solemnity. Helping needy people with food, cloths, money etc. make us beloved to God.

God has created us with great diversity in our abilities, achievements, qualities, access to various resources, etc. Hence we do need to depend on our fellow men or women for many things that we don’t have. Rich people can fulfill many of such requirements paying money. But unfortunately even in this modern age of prosperity, a good portion of human beings suffer from poverty. Sharing our valuable things with needy people make them smile. It is this smile and happiness of others caused by our cheerful giving makes God loving us.

Let’s consider an example of starving people in African countries. Children and grown up people there, are dying not getting food and even water. Getting a piece of bread and piece of clothing are matters of great joy for them. Even in India, a good portion of the population is suffering from poverty. Then there are handicapped people like blinds, people who lost any of their limbs, those suffering from serious diseases, mentally retarded etc. who are not capable of earning their bread. When we extend our helping hand to such needy people, we are really thanking God for saving us from many of such horrible situations.

In conclusion, let me take this opportunity to encourage myself and my friends to decide to be among cheerful givers. And also to take a pledge that we will make at least one person smile a day by extending our helping hand in some way possible to us. And thus make ourselves in those who are loved by God.
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