God is responsible for everything that happens in the universe

Topics: God, Good and evil, Universe Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: December 5, 2013
God is responsible for everything that happens in the universe – Discuss

The idea of God being responsible for everything within the universe is disputed both within religion itself and outside of religion. The Bible assures that God has onmiqualities, which suggest that nothing happens outside of Gods control. But it also states that some things happen which are not part of God’s will. If God is responsible, then why do we pray if God is in control of future events or have free will? In order to disagree with this statement, it could then God must be responsible for evil. However for many Christians, this is not the case, as God is not capable of evil. In the Bible, God is considered to be eternally or perfectly good and the source of all goodness. Because of this, God is neither capable of bad or tempted by evil. Due to God being omnibenevolent and perfectly good, God cannot be responsible for any bad which happens. Many would argue that if God is omnibenevolent, he wouldn’t cause pain or suffering, because an all loving God, to cause such evil contradicts the benevolent quality of God. However, it is often said that God causes suffering, such as the death of a loved one, in order to teach humanity a lesson. In this case it might be to make the deceased’s family and friend value life and encourages us to live life to its full and not take living a happy and healthy life for granted. By causing evils such as natural disasters, God could be seen to be teaching humans to care for the vulnerable. Pain and suffering makes for better people, which could be seen as God’s intention. Suggesting that God is responsible for everything which happens, even evil, as the negatives only highlight the positives. Another argument against this statement is free will, given to man by God. It’s impossible for God to be responsible for everything that humans do, if they employ free will. Free will implies that people make their own decisions, as to how to act. Therefore making...
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