God is Love

Topics: Adam and Eve, Love, Cain and Abel Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: February 20, 2014
“God is Love but God Judges Sin.”
Throughout the Bible, we see various stories that talk about God’s love for us and his judgment towards us for our sins. We know that God is love and he loves us so much that he created us to be like him – in his own image. Since he is our creator, he knows what he created. He knows that we will sin by nature because sin is within us, but he will also judge us accordingly for our sins. In our daily lives, we tend to be selfish in our thinking and our actions about what we want, that we tend to forget God’s plan for our lives. But God being the gracious and merciful God that he is loves us in spite of. He allows us to make our own choices, whether right or wrong or good or bad; and we are held accountable for our actions. If we do wrong, He cannot allow it to go unpunished or we will continue to do it. As with any good parent, who wants to teach their child right from wrong, God seeks to teach us to repent and do what is right. He shows of instances in the Bible about how He judges us and punish us for our actions, while at the same time showing mercy towards us. In the story of Adam & Eve, God created them both in his own image, without sin. They were in perfect relationship with God and with each other. It was not until Adam & Eve gave in to temptation that they overstepped their God-given boundaries and allowed us into sin. They were disobedient to the plan that God had revealed to them. Because of the guilt and shame, they found themselves afraid knowing that there would be consequences for their actions. Yet instead of accepting ownership, they made excuses, blaming each other and even God for their actions. By doing this causing a separation from God and each other. As a result of their disobedience, God judged and punished both Adam & Eve for their sin but he also showed compassion towards them as well. Likewise, in today’s society, God often reveals his plan for our lives but yet we choose to follow our own...
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