God and Evil

Topics: Theology, Mind, God Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: December 1, 2013

The Presence of God and Evil
The presence of evil is an uncomfortable, unavoidable presence. We encounter evil things on a day-to-day basis, and find this idea of evil as a reason to justify many actions of others, and sometimes to justify actions of our own. This idea of coming into contact with profoundly immoral and malevolent things creates an idea in some minds that how can this so called God allow such “evil” things. Does the fact of evil count against for the proposition that God exists? I do not think so. I disagree with this statement because God did not create the world with sin, but as a result of the imperfectness and sinfulness of man, evil has been let into the world and still remains. Many years ago it was said that two people by the name of Adam and Eve deliberality disobeyed Gods wishes, and as a result sin was allowed into the world. Adam’s choice to commit evil, in turn made man to be born with sin; the world was not made with evil but as a result of the imperfectness of man and desire to sin-evilness is now inevitable and apart of the everyday world. God created man with free will, and with free will comes the ability for one to choose “evil” or sin. Anything that is not made with perfection in the eyes of God is evil. Whether it is lying to your mother, or committing murder there is always a presence of evil. Why does God allow evil and not get rid of it? This is because with the end of all kinds of evil, comes the end of all free will. Without free will God cannot achieve his ultimate goal, which is making a race that loves him. Genuine love cannot exist with out free will. God gave people the choice to accept his love or reject it and with that comes the continuance and ability for sin or evil to enter this world. This does not make God evil, or mean in any way he created the earth with evil, or defy his existence, it merely means man brought sin and evilness upon himself, and will continue to bring sin and evilness upon himself so...
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