God and Dr. Lazaro

Topics: God, Family, Religion Pages: 6 (2072 words) Published: July 25, 2013
I. Summary

Dr. Lazaro was called by Esteban over the phone, the father of a week-old child who had a high fever, a bluish skin and its mouth would not open to suckle—tetanus of the newborn, a hopeless case for Dr. Lazaro. Out of his profession and duty he said he would go. Ben drove for him, in their way to meet Esteban at the station Dr. Lazaro tried to open a conversation with him. He asked Ben what was the book he was reading. Ben told him about it, and he mocked Ben of becoming a regular saint like her mother. He told Ben that perhaps he would go on medicine after his A.B. but Ben was not quite sure about it because he wanted to be a priest. They met Esteban and he led the way to their nipa hut. When they reached the hut Dr. Lazaro saw the baby barely breathing. He injected a whole ampule, and another after. He tried to draw air into the baby’s lungs, pressing and releasing the chest but even as he worked to rescue the child, the bluish color of its face began to turn grey. Dr. Lazaro gave up on the baby. Ben came close to the baby and baptized it by pouring a trickle of water from a coconut shell on the infant’s brow. Dr. Lazaro watched Ben with surprise. Dr. Lazaro told the parents that he cannot do anything about the baby anymore. Esteban’s wife began to cry and the old woman comforted her that it is the will of God. Esteban pressed folded bills to Dr. Lazaro’s hand and thanked him for coming that far and at that hour of the night. When Dr. Lazaro and Ben was on their way home he asked Ben if he baptized the baby and Ben confirmed it. Dr. Lazaro asked Ben what would happen if he did not baptized the baby and the latter told him that the baby will not be able to see God. Dr. Lazaro questioned the teachings of the church. He ceased to believe in God maybe because of the things that had happen to him in the past. The story ended by Dr. Lazaro calling his son Ben, Reverend Father Ben Lazaro with uncertain humor and he asked what should he do to gain eternal life.

II. Interpretation
The Faith, Love, Time & Dr. Lazaro tells the reader that there could be things in a person’s life that would make him lost his faith to God and how one would want to devote his life serving God. The story demonstrates that for certain things that had happened in Dr. Lazaro’s life like losing his other son and because of his profession he questioned the existence of God. In spite of the fact that his wife is a religious and devoted person he seemed not to believe in God. Even the fact that his son, Ben, wanted to be a priest he still questioned the church and its teachings. The story has an underlying theme as well, that love is about respect. Dr. Lazaro loves his wife that much that he respects her being religious despite of his loss of faith. It is said that Dr. Lazaro’s wife keep herself busy knitting some altar vestments, there were plaster saints she keeps inside their room in their cases of glass, and there is also a Sacred Heart in their house. Dr. Lazaro did nothing to suppress about this and I think it is because of respect. Dr. Lazaro asked Ben about his plans after finishing his A.B. and when Ben shows signs of wanting to be a priest when he told him about the book his reading Dr. Lazaro suggested that maybe he could go on medicine or engineering. When Dr. Lazaro saw Ben baptized the infant he questioned the teachings of the church but not Ben. It shows that he love his son that he respects what his son wanted to be. He even called Ben a Reverend Father although he may seem mocking his son about it. III. Technical Analysis

A. Plot
The story’s beginning already shows that there is a conflict encountered by Dr. Lazaro. It shows that the conflict has something to do with Dr. Lazaro’s profession and faith. There is, however a suspense whether Dr. Lazaro would be able to save the baby’s life. When Dr. Lazaro gave up on the baby Ben baptized it believing that it will not see God if it will not be baptized. The events...
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