Goblin Market - Poetry

Topics: Victorian era, Goblin, Goblin Market Pages: 4 (1026 words) Published: May 17, 2006
Goblin Market

Goblin Market is the story of two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, who return to their childhood nursery after many years' absence. Dressed in deep mourning and surrounded by piles of old toys and books, a rocking horse and a doll's house, they both discover and invent the world of their adolescence from an adult perspective. Similar to Eve in the Garden of Eden, this poem illustrates how woman of the Victorian era were drawn to temptation. This poem also examines the sexuality and eroticism faced by both men and women during this time period.

Lines 32 to 66 mainly discuss how Laura's impulsive attitude is drawn to these goblin men and how Lizzie, the more timid of the two sisters, is trying to protect her and steer her away from this temptation. "Laura bowed her head to hear, Lizzie veiled her blushes," (34-35) show's how Laura is physically trying to listen to what these goblin men are saying and Lizzie is covering these blushes that appear on Laura's face. Goblins are usually referred to as grotesque creatures that are thought to work for evil or mischief. In this sense, these men are evil and are trying to entice Laura with their fruit to come to them for either sexual reasons or to be poisoned. "Who knows upon what soil they fed, Their hungry thirsty roots?" (44-45). In looking at the fruit as knowledge, this could refer to dangerous, unorthodox philosophies. They are trying to quench their "thirst" by tempting and alluring Laura into buying the poisoned fruit. Laura is being told this by Lizzie to show that the fruit of these goblin men are poisoned and harmful. Lines 44-45 illustrate how these goblin men are craving innocent and naïve woman and it can be interpreted in two ways. First, it can be related to social status implying that these goblin men are like animals and have no money so that in turn they steal and feed on the remains others have left. On the other hand, it can be interpreted in a sexual manner implying that...
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