Goals Paper

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Goals Paper
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think really hard about what you want to be doing in the next ten years. Are you on the right path too your vision? Do you have a plan on how to get there? You see too often do people fall short of their own expectations because they lack a strategic plan on how to attain their goals. Life is like a long road trip. Would you go on a long road trip without a map? If you set your goals and devise a plan then you will succeed. My goals in life are to get a respectable education, own a nice home with my family and travel the world with them. But without setting short term and midterm goals, I won’t be able to reach my long term goals.

Short term goals help to get you started on the right track. They help to give you direction to the path you choose. Once you get started it will be like the snowball effect, and keep growing and growing. My short term personal goals are to meet new friends within my vicinity and to get into shape. These will be reached easier if I begin saving money so that I will have money to go out more. By being in shape I will have the confidence to meet new people. I want to start relationships that will eventually turn into friendships.

Though you have short term personal goals, you also need short term goals to keep you on track educationally. These goals are critical as they will eventually lead you to your career goals. Educationally in the next six months I expect to pass Student Success and Introduction to Business and have a strong understanding of these two subjects. I also want to develop study habits that will aid me for the remainder of my college years. These goals are a critical factor in whether or not I earn my B.S. degree. Nowadays it is extremely difficult to get high paying job, or hold a high position in a company without having some sort of seniority there. That is why I intend to plant seeds now that will later blossom into incredible job opportunities in the future....
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