Goals of Criminology and Theories

Topics: Psychology, Crime, Criminology Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: May 20, 2011
Tequila McNabb
February 5, 2011
Individual Work

One of the goals of criminology the scientific study of the nature, cause,

and control of criminal behavior- is to understand the cause of crime.

There are many theories of crime causation, which generally fall into the

following categories: choice, biological, psychological, sociological, and


After completing your chapter 3 reading, in your individual work

assignment, you will examine and analyze the causes of crime. Select

three of the following theories and compare and contrast these theories.

* Biological
* Behavioral
* Cognitive
* Psychodynamic
* Personality
* Latent Trait Theory

The three theories that I have choose are biological, cognitive, and

personality. Biological states that as the nineteenth century came to a

close, some criminologists began to suggest that crime was caused not

so much by human choice. Also, by inherited and uncontrollable

biological and psychological traits which are: intelligence, body build,

personality, and biomedical makeup. Biological theories assume that

variation in human physical traits can explain behavior. Cognitive states

that psychologists are concerned with the way people perceive and

mentally represent the world in which they live. Aggressive people may

base their behavior on faulty information. The differences between

biological and cognitive is that biological is the explanations of crimes,

and cognitive is the human behavior and how they control it. Another

area of cognitive psychology is moral development theory. Last by not

least, personality can be defined as the reasonably stable patterns of

behavior, including thoughts and emotions, which distinguish one

person from another. The way you behave is a function of how your

life’s demands and problems. Psychologists have explored the link

between personality and crime.
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