Goals Lead to Success

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Goals lead to your Success
Have you ever wondered what it means to set goals? Well, goal setting means to make a plan for yourself which you like to achieve so that after every goal you can feel good. After completing every goal you will feel great! Like Psychologist Carol Dweck says “having a growth mindset you Believe the harder you work, the better you can become”. But then again, we have to have realistic and do-able goals not those that we will never complete. For my own goals, I would like to learn any foreign language other than Spanish. I would also like to gain more muscle and not fat, and ultimately I would like to achieve my most important goal which is to get my bachelors in criminal justice.

Learning a foreign language will be very hard for me, due to the fact that I can only speak English and Spanish. In order for me to learn a foreign language I’ve had to set a goal to myself, so that way I can feel good about myself when I do accomplish it. I will later on in life begin to learn the language as soon as I get done with my main goals. Learning a foreign language will open up a lot of opportunities for me in the police field, due to the fact that they need more people who can understand terrorists and know what they got to say. So by completing this goal, everything will go a lot smoother for me, and I’ll have a better chance to gain a good paying job in the police field.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and told yourself I need to lose weight? I have. I’ve looked in the mirror and told myself I need to go on a diet, but instead of a diet I then came up with a goal to where Instead of losing all the weight ill turn it all into muscle. I personally think having muscle is a lot better than to being skinny. The way I’ve gotten started on this goal is by starting to work out more often. I use to work out for only about 30 minutes a day, and now I work out for a food 45 minutes and slowly gaining more and more time. I do everything from push-ups...
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