Goals for Studying

Topics: Education, Play, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Requirements| Video-game design| Learning design|
Well-defined goals| Players understand the desired outcome of a game and howto play| Learning objectives are clear| Patience| Players may perform tasks repeatedly if necessary| Students may redo assignments repeatedly if necessary| Team play| Players work together to win| Groups of students work together to complete andreview tasks| Tracking| Games are organized in levels, and point values ofaccomplishments are known| Students see progress at every level and as a whole| Change| Games keep moving, and players keep progressing| Students divide large tasks to learn time management andto progress toward goal achievement| Immediate consequences| Players see impacts of actions immediately| Teachers provide immediate/useful feedback andmeaningful, formative and diagnostic assessments| Personalization| Players customize each game experience by playing asdifferent characters; they enjoy a different experience everytime they play| Students explore different roles, which are shaped bytheir interests, to discover strengths and achieve goals| Patterns| Players experience success because the game design ispredictable| The learning environment makes sense| Requir

• They may resist learning about new technology. Coming from the Baby Boom generation and somewhat reluctant to adopt new technology too quickly, some educators feel intimidated by students’ knowledge of tools they do not understand.

• They work in environments where professional development is underemphasized and undervalued by their employers. Of the 75 percent of
teachers who participated in educational technology integration professional development courses, the majority—more than 60 percent—
spent less than eight hours in a 12-month period in this type of training. When so few hours were dedicated to this training, 87 percent of teachers said they did not experience a lot of improvement in their teaching

• They need...
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