Goals Essay

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My Goals

High school was something I did not take seriously. I did not learn until my senior year that you have to work hard to get somewhere, and not do the bare minimum of things to just “get by.” Since I did not try to keep high grades in school, I was unable to get the hope grant. This kept me at home my freshman year and at Georgia Military College. On the positive side to not going off to a university my freshman year, I have become motivated to be a hard worker. College is a new start for me to finally set goals for myself and work hard to achieve them. My short term goals consist of maintaining an 85 or above average in all of my classes, raise my cumulative GPA, and have all of my assignments turned in on time. Each day I set aside time to focus on my school work. My short term goals are going to help me reach both my mid-term and long term goals. The mid-term goals I have for myself are to finish all core class at Georgia Military College, graduate from GMC in two years, and transfer Point University. My long term goals are to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and start my career as an early childhood educator. The goal terms are like a chain reaction. By studying in my short term goal it will carry me to my mid-term goal of graduating from Georgia Military College transfer to a university. Once I finish at the university I will come to my long term goal, which is my career.

In two years I see myself graduated from Georgia Military College and moving to a four year college. My choice as for now is Point University, but that is subject to change in two years. Ten years from now I picture myself in front of a classroom full of fourth grade children ready to learn. I also see myself married with children. It is easier for me to picture myself six months from now than ten years, because in six months I will still be in the same place I am now. I will have a higher GPA in six months.

Georgia Military College will help me reach my goals in...
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