Goals and Expectations

Topics: Assessment, Psychological testing, Evaluation Pages: 3 (638 words) Published: August 10, 2011
Chapter III: Outcome and Evaluation

Goals and Expectations

A. The goal is that college and pro scouts will be able to consistently identify physical qualities AND key emotional/psychological skills that athletes need to achieve optimum success on the playing field 75% of the time.

Expected Outcomes

A. College and pro scouts will identify key emotional/psychological skills in athletes across various sports 75% of the time.

1. Within a three year period from the start of consistent psychological assessment use, college and pro scouts will be proficiently trained on how to utilize psychological assessment tools to select and train athletes.

2. Colleges and pro scouts will recognize the need to analyze and assess athlete’s psychological skills prior to player selection and as a vital part of ongoing player enhancement programs through various mandated training and education meetings by professionals in the field.

3. Colleges and pro teams will financially support psychological testing as part of the recruiting and selection of new players and current players on an annual basis.

B. A minimum of three psychological assessment tools and/or new assessment tests that identify psychological skills pertinent to athletic sports will be used by college scouts and faculty (inclusive to coaches, athletic directors etc.) and by pro scouts (team coaches, owners, and other staff) in conjunction with current physical quality testing and observations.

1. 95% of college and pro scouts will use the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory CSAI-2 test to identify debilitating and facilitating psychological characteristics and the frequency of these characteristics.

2. 95% of college and pro scouts will use the Athletic Motivation Inventory (AMI) to measure the following psychological constructs: drive, self-confidence, aggressiveness, coachability, emotional control conscience development, trust,...
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