Goals and Expectations

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My Upcoming English School Year
Many students take the risk to enroll in higher level thinking classes without knowing exactly what to expect. Whether it is an accelerated, honors, or advanced placement class, they all require extra time and dedication for them to excel. I took English 3-4 Accelerated this year so I could grow as a writer and analyzer. Last year, I had an amazing English teacher who pushed me to succeed. At the end of last year, I felt I grew enough to take on the extra dedication of English 3-4 Accelerated. I have many goals and expectations this school year that I need to meet and measure.

This year, one of my main goals is to learn how to analyze literature more in depth. Coming in last year, I just read the surface and did not know why the author put figurative language in the literature or what he or she meant by them. I simply read with no understanding. A way I could measure this goal is by looking at the devices the author uses and figure out why the author put them there. Another way I could meet this goal is asking myself questions about the story then answering them using the elements of the story or notes I have taken in class. Doing this will allow me to analyze more in depth rather than just going through the motions.

Another one of my goals for this year is to maintain or exceed a B+ in my English class. Last year, I let my grade slip to a C because I slacked off. I realize this year the work will be harder and I need to maintain a study and homework schedule. An additional way I can achieve this goal is by checking on the Parent Internet Viewer (P.I.V) after each assignment or to check for missing work. Also, my parents and I will be checking my report cards periodically to make sure I am staying on track. It also helps me when I have an outside force such as a teacher or my parents to push me to do my best.

One of my main expectations is never to turn in late or forgotten assignments. I know as well as my parents and...
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