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Goals in WHAP
1. Achieve a 94 on the next WHAP test over Early-Modern on January 31st. From there, maintain and slowly increase score in two point increments. Kaizen: I will actively add notes into my ACORN syllabus (writing in information learned on the day of a lesson in their respectful location within the ACORN syllabus) to take advantage of its usefulness on the test. From there, I will work on test-taking strategies (Make connections with the topic asked about (Days before the test, create a rough large Venn diagram of all the topics and list key differences and then make an educated guess. Adding to this, for every topic covered in the Scope and Sequence, list out important information from notes, ACORN Syllabus, Homework etc. to look over before Test Day) to logically choose answers to questions that I do not know the exact answers to. By being familiar with a topic, it’s easier to eliminate distracting answer choices and narrow down the choices between two letters, a better chance to score higher. 2. Get the majority of points (2/3) available for the Thesis/first paragraph in a reasonable amount of time (5-7mins) for my DBQ extra-credit homework. Kaizen: I will force myself to condense and be forward with my points, categories, because, missing voice etc. to allow for more time for the body paragraph yet attaining full credit for the condensed thesis. From here, perfect writing style for DBQ through constant practice. 3. Complete all 10 homework assignments for the homework folder grades and understand what I’m reading/doing by connecting them with lessons I’ve recently learned or am learning currently to maximize my benefit from doing the homework outside of getting the grade. Kaizen: I will complete my homework knowing there’s a purpose of learning in each assignment by reading for comprehension instead of from here until the last homework assignment. 4. Come prepared (Grabbing the handout if there is one, writing utensil, printed notes/notebook...
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