Topics: United States, Drinking water, Kenya Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 30, 2013
    Goals are desires or objectives that people want to achieve. Goals have been proved to benefit people of all ages in many ways. To begin with, they make sure that people maintain sight of what they want to reach in the long run. They also motivate people in the short run. Finally, they help people manage and organize their time. The types of goals that are set by people greatly vary all around the world.

    To begin with, people who live in small budget countries, such as Kenya, usually have different goals than people living in other countries. In Kenya, most people farm and grow their own food. Their diets are also very basic because of their increasingly rare surplus of money. An average Kenyan eats only two meals every day. A substantial Kenyan meal consists of green peas and corn boiled with a little bit of salt with a drink of unpurified water. Because of the expensive price of meat, many Kenyans have been forced to become vegetarians. These people mostly live in houses made of mud brick and a roof made of leaves. Even if one of these people receive a disease, an average medical facility is about six hours away. With this difficult lifestyle, education is a distant thought. Most of the children in these type of communities only go to school a few months every year because of the excessive physical work that is required for them to complete in order to survive. Without standard education, most people who live in poorer countries cannot acquire high paying professions. Therefore, their goals are usually related to physical labor appose to work relating to using their brain.


    Following that, people who live in medium budget countries, such as India, also have different goals than people living in other countries. In these type of countries, life is not as harsh as in low budget countries. In India, many people live in houses made out of mud brick or stone. The usual diet of an Indian is rice, a type of curry, and sometimes drinks,...
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