Goal Setting Worksheet

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Goal Setting Worksheet

Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

1.Describe one academic and one professional goal you have created using the SMART criteria. Explain why you selected those goals.
The Academic goal I had created using the SMART criteria is being realistic, because I had to be

realistic by putting my information and answers in my own words. I know that by being realistic

it showed how much I was able to understand how it is to wrire in my own words with doing

plagirism. I also think that being realsitc with my academic goal, I had created using the SMART

criteria made me be a reasonable thinker when I was expected to reach my goal if I had tried.

The Professional Goal that I had created using the SMART criteria was Attainalbe because, I

knew that it would be possible for me to reach my goal, because I had put in a lot of time and

effort into wanting my college degree and turning in my college assignments in a timely matter.

For the most part the Professional Goal also help me to become a better achiever by getting

things accomplished. I knew that it will possible for me to reach my important

professional goal.

2.Describe the strategies you can employ to reduce your stress while you pursue your goals.

The strategies that I can employ to reduce my stress while pursuing my goals are that I must stay focus and concentrate on what has to accomplished, and I have to make sure I take my time and try not to rush anything. For the most part I know that stress can happen at any given day when I am stressed. I know I will keep my stress level down, and think about finishing and pursuing my goals, that I want to pursue and get my college degree. I think that by having to reduce my stress while I pursue my goals are that I will become a better student and also a better thinker at what I can do. I believe that having to to think with less stress...
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