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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Virtue Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Chapter 1, “A Christian Ethic for Business”
Explain briefly each of the three biblical concepts in Hill “that have a direct bearing on ethical decision-making” and are “repeatedly emphasized in the Bible.” The three biblical concepts in Hill that have a direct bearing on ethical decision making and are repeatedly emphasized in the bible are “God is Holy”, “God is Just” and “God loving”. All three are needed for equal measurement and all three contain a vital ethical ingredient “hill compares these to the skeleton, muscles and the skin”. Therefore within every ethical decision that is made requires all characteristics to be taken into account. Holiness, when untethered from justice and love it drifts into hypercritical legalism. If justice loses its anchor in holiness and love it will produce harsh outcomes.

Chapter 2, “Holiness”
What do you think Jonah should do in the Case for Discussion on page 34? Support your response. I think Johan has a big issue on his hand if he does speak up about his beliefs. The first thing I think he should do is probably ask if he could be the team leader for another project because this one compromising his beliefs and if that is an issue then I don’t think he should do it. Now if he doesn’t do the project their could be some negative outcomes like getting fired but I don’t think he should close himself off and do something he doesn’t believe in because it will affect him and his beliefs in the end now it could be some positive outcomes like them respecting his courage and just moving him into another project.

Chapter 3, “Justice”
What is wrong with the statement by Sammie Davis, Jr.? Why is it wrong?

Chapter 4, “Love”
Describe two flaws in the arguments presented by Fletchr.
The two flaws presented by Fletcher in this argument are that it completely ignores the holiness concern by lying and not telling the truth. This includes discarding the fundamentals of holiness value such as zeal for god, purity and moral...
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