Goal Line Techology in Soccer

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Goal line techology in soccer
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The topic that I have chosen to discuss in my research paper is the emergence of the use of video technology in sports in recent years. During our lifetimes, information and computer technologies have significantly changed the world. The major technological revolution has had a very profound effect on contemporary sports over the last twenty years (Reilly, 2006). Therefore, the use of different types of technology has become important in recent years due to the fact that sports contain moments in which there are mistakes made by referees and officials. The introduction of technology regarding these sports in recent years has helped to eradicate a number of these errors. The specific type of technology that is going to be discussed in this research paper is the use of video technology in relation to the potential introduction of goal line technology in soccer. Background

The majority of sports today use video technology of some description. However, like everything in this world there are always exceptions. Some sports, like soccer for example, refuse to introduce the use of video technology. Soccer is one of the most popular team sports in the world. “As a consequence of this popularity, soccer video analysis has attracted much research in the last decade” (D’Orazio and Leo, 2010). Nonetheless, many controversial issues have arisen in recent years as to whether video technology should be introduced into soccer or not. Different companies have designed new programs in order to attempt elimination of certain errors made by officials with regards to the game. This may include anything as simple as tracking a player offside to decide whether or not the ball has crossed the goal line in order for a goal to be awarded or not. The bulk of these new developments have occurred in the area of goal line technology. Both the Hawk eye system and Cairos have been proposed in recent times in order to determine if the...
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