Goal Attainment Theory

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Imogene King (Goal Attainment Theory)
Born in 1923.
Received her basic Nursing Education from St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing in 1945. Received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Education with minors in Philosophy and Chemistry from St. Louis University in 1948. Received her Master of Science in Nursing from St. Louis University in 1957. Received her Doctor of Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. King has had experience in Nursing as an administrator, an educator, and a practitioner. Her area of clinical practice in adult Medical-Surgical Nursing She served as Director of the School of Nursing at The Ohio State University in Columbus She has been a faculty member at:

St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing, St. Louis
Loyola University, Chicago
University of South Florida
The goal of the nurse is “to help individuals maintain or regain health.” Nursing’s domain includes promoting, maintaining, restoring health and caring for the sick, injured or dying. The function of the professional nurse is to interpret information in, what is known as the nursing process, to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care for individuals, families, groups and communities.


King describes human beings as social, sentient, rational, reacting, perceiving, controlling, purposeful, action-oriented and time-oriented. King states that a concern for Nursing is helping people interact with their environment in a manner that will support health maintenance and growth toward self fulfillment. King has derived the following assumptions that are specific to nurse-client interaction: Perceptions of nurse and of client influence the interaction process. Goals, needs, and values of nurse and client influence the interaction process. Individuals have a right to knowledge about themselves.

Individuals have a right to...
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