Goal and Team Members

Topics: Goal, Risk, Leadership Pages: 7 (2954 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The foremost difference lies in the intangibles: creativity, commitment, firmness, determination, a passion to win and excel, along with leadership and team building skills. These are the skills that were exhibited by Bhuvan throughout the conquest of the dream. When Bhuvan was challenged to a cricket match, it is witnessed that every other person was against the challenge and wanted to back off. Even after having Bhuvan accepted the challenge, the villagers at first wanted to plea the King to ensure withdrawal of the challenge. In this whole situation, only one person remained unmoved and that is Bhuvan himself. He was a risk taker and could detect the opportunity in the challenge which was perceived as a problem by all. Bhuvan was guided by his values that provided him the right direction and motivated him in realizing his goals. He is the epitome of determination and dedication and symbolizes effective opportunity identification and assessment. The following diagram represents the pursuit of opportunity by Bhuvan:- Bhuvan’s pursuit of opportunity can be traced to a series of steps that he followed to realize his vision and aspirations. These steps were in turn supported by certain inherent attributes that Bhuvan possessed, which ultimately led him to achieve the goal that he had set. Bhuvan was quick at identifying opportunities, which was reflected right since the initial scenes of the movie, where Bhuvan tries to save a deer from the British hunters. Furthermore, on being challenged for a cricket match, Bhuvan realized that this was probably the only opportunity that he might get to assuage the community from the burden of tax for three years. Where people saw a problem, Bhuvan saw an opportunity – a window to a more blissful and satisfying life. Challenging the British in their own game, may have been perceived as a big catastrophe by others, but Bhuvan saw the opportunity stealth in the contours of the challenge. Having noticed the opportunity, Bhuvan was quick to assess the risk involved in the venture and the possible return involved in the same. The risk was increase in tax by three fold, but the return was no taxes for the next 3 years. The fact that Bhuvan was able to take a decision after this analysis, under pressure from Captain Russell, community, Raja Puran Singh, is indeed remarkable. This manifests the willingness of Bhuvan to take a risk in trying to achieve the reward. Having accepted the challenge, Bhuvan faced stiff opposition from his community and people from the province, who even threatened physical action against him. Inspite of all the antagonism and hostility, Bhuvan was confident that his decision to accept the challenge was prudent and pragmatic and the only possible way to avoid unreasonable taxes. Stiff resentment and antagonism could not dilute his resolve and fortitude and he maintained to be committed to achieving the objectives that he had set for the community. He employed creative methods to convince his community to support him in his endeavor and also join his team. He initially tried to portray that the game was extremely facile and could be learnt easily. He tried to prove this by playing the game in front of other villagers. Though he failed a couple of times initially, he finally succeeded. His attempt did not go in vain as he received his first support from Bagha. Thus, showcasing how one needs to be creative and innovative in trying to enter a persons psyche and convince him in sharing the same vision with you. Bhuvan was also quick to adapt to the format of the game in which he was completely naïve and had very limited exposure. Throughout the process Bhuvan was aided by his intrinsic qualities. Intelligence and Emotional Stability were key drivers that enabled him to identify an opportunity and seize it. Maintaining one’s calm and posture during testing times is an onerous task and Bhuvan managed to execute it with élan and panache. Bhuvan had a capacity to inspire due to...
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