Goal 5 Essay Ecpc

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Goal V
Strategies to manage effective program operations

To ensure a well-run purposeful program, responsive to participant needs, I lead by example. I am able to recognize my responsibilities towards the program, staff members, volunteers, and parents. I contribute to making sure that the staff and substitutes about the needs and concerns of each child. An effective preschool classroom is defined as a healthy and safety environment where the child is well cared for. I am strict on making sure that the child feels valued in their search for attention, approval, and affection. It is also a place where children can develop a sense of passion for knowledge and skills for success. I create many lesson plans each week in every subject area that reflect all of the above. Parent involvement also plays a big role in an effective preschool program. Parents that are kept informed are usually glad in their decision of choosing that particular program. The parents should feel welcomed by you greeting both themselves and their child at the door every morning and afternoon. I also refer parents to community social services when it is necessary. If you want to make sure all records and observations are up to date, it is vital that you assist colleagues in maintain them monthly so that all concerns can be addressed at the appropriate time. When the program first starts I try and get to know each child better individually. I try and set classroom goals so the parents are able to see improvements the child has made. If the child does not know something in the beginning I design lesson plans that will help the child to achieve this skill by the end of the year. Our program is designed to focus on the needs of children dealing with development. As childcare providers, we try our best to maintain the correct environment so that we are able to obtain a great preschool
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