Goal 1

Topics: Accident, Play, Safety Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: January 24, 2013
To Establish and Maintain A Safe, Healthy Learning Environment
Competency Goal I

Safety is something that should be practiced and taught everyday. The safety rules will be easy to understand and age appropriate. This will teach chidren how to be responsible for their own behavior. For me to provide a healthy and safe play area or environment I must lead by example. Reading a copy of my state and local regulation booklet that deals with safety will help me to do just that. I must create a safe checklist of what must be done. For example, socket mus be covered, toys and other materials must be easy to reach to prevent children from having to climb on things. By doing this they will not only be safe but It will give them since of independence knowing they are able to do things on their own. The class will have pictures of colorful safety issues. They should be posted around different sections of play areas and eye sight level for children to see and recognize.

Toys and other materials will not only be interesting but
educational as well. They will be inspected periodically and will be setup for the developmental age of the children. The toys and furniture will be sanitized. Floors will be cleaned daily and the classroom will be free of loose or frayed rugs to prevent tripping. There will be no furniture with sharp edges or protruding objects.

The palyground area will be fenced in and safety locks will be placed on gates. Six to eight inches of mulch will be placed under all play structures and swings sets. All slides will have rails and walk room at the top to prevent accidents. Children will be supervised at all times inside and outside. Equipment will be be checked for loose screws and rusted areas. The playground will be inspected for broken glass, discarded debris and poisonous plants.

At least one first aid kit will be brought on fieldtrips and kept in...
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