Go Sound the Trumpet!

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Value Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: July 22, 2010
Hall, Kia
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Introduction: Africa and Black Americans, Slave Trade

What I learned about this chapter, was that around the early 1800’s, there was A

big disagreement between the black and whites about Religion, and slaves.

In 1603 there were approximately only thirty-two royal slaves In St. Augustine, five

Of whom were woman, and of the total, they described seven as “Advance” In

Years. I’m guessing that by advanced they meant that some slaves had more

Knowledge and experience than others, so therefore the slave owners valued them

More than others since they would be worth more. In the text, Florida’s
Treasury official Miguel Ybarra wrote that “it was in the community’s interest to

Preserve these valuable workers and that he would see to it that they were well

Taken care of, as far as food, clothing, and when they fall sick they were taken to

The hospital and cared for as most valuable soldiers“. Ybarra promised to maintain

This level of care and must have done so. Although the slaves were highly

Praised and valued more over the other slaves, they still felt as though they were

Mistreated. By 1821, planters had moved to the Middle Florida and had begun

Many racial situations, one being Slave codes. The slave...
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