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IV) Objectives and issues
A) Objectives
Objectives for the end of 2014
For the first time since the beginning of GoPro we project than we will not increase our sales for 2014 the sale will remind at about 1.0 billion dollars. However we have to cut the cost of revenue to be more profitable. We plan to have a lot of operating expenses particularly on research and development, and on promotion for the launches of our new product the GoPro hero 4. We have to improve the quality and the versatility of our product with the new GoPro hero 4 out in October. This GoPro will remind an action camera with approximately the same size as the GoPro hero 3. However you will have accessories that you can have to the GoPro design to make the camera more like a camcorder. This camera will be more polyvalent and will allow us to extend our market by targeting more segments in the everyday camera. But in the mid time keeping the same market share in the action camera segment (80%) We have to improve the testing process in Hong Kong. We have to be absolutely sure that the GoPro hero 4 will work perfectly. The problem on the hero 3 already affect our reputation and brand image if such problem happen again it would be a disaster for our company. The lack of increase in sales revenue will be balance with the money made by the capitalization. Almost $500 million are expected for the end of 2014. We want our capitalization to be successful. To do so, we hired on January a new CFO Mr. Lazar who gets a lot of experience for the IPO and will help us for the success of this capitalization.

Objectives for the end of 2015
2015 will be a very exiting years for us. We plan to open 50 GoPro official stores distributed in every main cities in the world (Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Work, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Shanghai, Sidney…) this will extend our channel of distribution and our sales profit by selling our product directly to the customers. For the end of 2015 the GoPro manufacture in Shenzhen will start to operate. As you know the manufacture that we use now are not belonging to GoPro Company. We subcontract all the manufacture part to another company. To have our own production will help us to be independent from external factor and give us a better control on the product quality. The GoPro hero four come out at the end of 2014. We believe than this product will have a large success and expect for the end of 2015 to have sale revenue over $1.5 billion. Investing on research and development for the go pro hero 5 is also a big objective for 2015. The GoPro hero 5 will come out on January 2016. We will have to have a big budget for 2015 on research and promotion for this new GoPro. The camera market evolves in the same time as the technology we have to always improve our product to stay competitive in the market. We have to keep working on our brand image to be at the end of 2015 perceived by the entire customer as the best in the segment of the everyday camera, and the action camera.

Objectives for 2016
On June 2016 we will launched the GoPro hero 5 with a better video quality and more feature adapted to the everyday camera. Our company will create a large promotion campaign for the Olympic game 2016 in Brazil, in order to target new vertical market and being development country. We will have to develop our distribution channel for the being development country in south America and Asia. In 2016 the Chinese market will become our first market. The distribution on those countries will become a big issue. We also will start to set negotiation and promotion to sell the GoPro hero5 to the US government. Objectives for 2017

In 2017 we expect to sign a big contract to sell 2 million cameras to The US government. The military, police, fireman will all be equipped with GoPro. It will help them for the training of new recruits but also to have a recorded report of all their action. The GoPro will also be used on drone for the street view....
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