Go Green Speech

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*Michelle Fuller*
December 2, 2010
Persuasive Final Speech

Purpose: To persuade my audience to go green to help save our planet.

Introduction: According to the U.S Census Bureau, the world population is growing at a mindboggling rate. The world reached 1 billion people in 1800, 2 billion by 1922, and over 6 billion by 2000. It is estimated that the population will swell to over 9 billion by 2050. This means that if the world’s natural recourses were evenly distributed, people in 2050 will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people in 1950 had.

Thesis: People need to start making changes to their lifestyles by making environmentally friendly choices to help save our planet.


1) The slogan “going green” is seen and heard everywhere, but so many people don’t understand why go green.

A) There are only so many natural resources and with the population to reach 9 billion by 2050, there’s going to be a lot less to go around.

B) Burning of fossil fuels and other emissions causes increase in Carbon dioxide that leads to global warming.

C) Landfills are a rising cause because they are filled with trash that can take millions of years to decompose. D) Even such things as deforestation have taken a huge impact on our rain forests.

E) Also we ruin animal’s habitats for our benefits causing many animals to become endangered.

Transition: Although all these reasons are scary results of what could happen, many people still don’t make the changes to help our planet.

2) There are so many easy changes everyone can do either large or small that will make a significant impact on helping our planet.

A) Recycling is such an easy option that everyone can do to help preserve our natural resources.

B) There are also many ways to save energy which can be very helpful to our environment.

C) Can send less fossil fuel into the environment by not using your car as much or even buying a hybrid car.

D) We can save...

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