Go Green Concept in Hospitality Industry

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Go green concept:

Few years ago when climate change really started to come into focus and people began to think how to protect our mother Earth and of  the ways to create a sustainable hospitality industry, many hotels and resorts started  their green programs  being a first choice for many guests and travelers since last decade.

Governments are also encouraging their people to go green while traveling. Statistics of the US only shows that 43 millions of the Americans are ecologically concerned and that many travelers all over the globe are now putting hotels and airlines which have a sustainability agenda and green programs at their first preference.

Green Behind the Scenes:

Floor care chemicals such as cleaners, strippers, restorers and finishes are of particular concern to environmental advocates and hotel properties eager to transfer from conventional cleaning systems to those that are green. One of the key problems with many traditional chemicals is that they can release large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can impair indoor air quality and trigger headaches, respiratory problems and other ailments among staff and guests “The VOC level of a traditional floor-finish stripper typically is about 15 to 30 percent,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions, a manufacturer of green cleaning products. “On the other hand, a green-certified floor-finish remover may have a VOC content of less than 6 percent.” According to Sawchuk, some of the other ingredients of concern in conventional floor care products include 2-butoxy ethanol, which is often found in floor strippers and considered a possible carcinogen, and EGME (ethylene glycol methyl ether) and EGEE (ethylene glycol ethyl ether), which are found primarily in floor finishes and have been associated with eye, skin, and ear infections and even birth defects.

There are 3 main areas to improve the planet, giving hotel customers a chance to " green their stay" which basically adopt following actions:


Including recycling, hazardous /controlled waste management, organic waste management Styrofoam elimination, amenity management, bottled water alternatives, sustainable food & beverage and environmentally preferred products.

Energy and Water Conservation:

Through high efficiency lighting, occupancy sensors, toilet & urinal efficiency and  low flow faucets and showerheads.

Preventive Maintenance being an important and essential factor that ensure all equipment and systems perform their intended function reliably and efficiently, thereby promote energy and water conservation.

"By implementing good housekeeping and pollution prevention, encouraging green practices in both employees and guests, conserving energy and water, minimizing food waste and reducing solid waste, we assure providing quality service while helping the environment and ensuring our responsibility towards protecting the planet, Said Atef Wilson, General Manager, Sheraton Montazah.

Ernst & Young examines the eco-friendly efforts of hotels and resorts in eight regions of the world, finds progress in the greening of the hospitality industry and identifies 10 areas in which the business could do better.

Over the last decade, the movement towards ecologically sound tourism has swept across the globe; and the practices being implemented are as diverse as the different geographies. Hotel companies are being prompted by rising energy costs, government pressure, consumer expectations and the competitive landscape to increasingly make sustainability a top priority.

Researchers saw growth in Earth-friendly attributes and amenities in luxury lodgings throughout the areas examined. The degree to which such practices were in place for other brackets of travel differed from region to region.

Highlights of findings...
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