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GNU Public License
Mark Province
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June 12, 2013
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GNU Public License
The GNU is a widely used free software license that guarantees individuals, organizations, and companies the freedom to use, copy share and modify the software. Founded by Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation or FSF, in his very own words “I designed the GNU General Public License for a very simple purpose: to defend the freedom of every user of a free program”. Any software that is created and uses the Gnu rights are retained and called free software. As of today, there are three versions released, version one was released on February 25 1989, version two was released on June 1991, and version three was January 16 2006.
History of GNU
Richard Stallman worked as a programmer at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence lab, and began the free software movement in the 1970’s. It all started when Richard Stallman decided to solve a problem on the lab’s centralized printer paper jams. Having access to the printer’s code, Richard Stallman modified the printer’s software to where the printer would notify every lab member when the printer is jammed again. When the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab received a Xerox printer, Richard Stallman decided to modify the new printer in the same way he did with the old printer. Due to Xerox not releasing the printer’s source code, Richard Stallman could not modify the new printer. This marked the beginning of Richard Stallman’s vision of the free software movement. For Richard Stallman, sharing codes was, and is, a moral obligation. In response to code privacy, Richard Stallman has decided to create a computing environment where its guaranteed for source codes to be free and available. In the 1970’s, the standard operating system was UNIX developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories, Richard Stallman’s intention is to write an entire operating system environment that will still be compatible with UNIX called GNU. Richard Stallman was

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