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GMO Speech

Thesis - GMOs are ethically immoral and cause a threat to human growth in a variety of different ways.

Genetic modification (GM) is the process by which DNA make up is perfected and altered. This procedure is completed by combining genes from other organisms. It may even involve the combining of plant genes with animal genes. The results of this process are also known as GMOs, genetically modified organisms. In recent discovery, geneticists have learned to genetically modify many products of our daily life such as medicines, foods, and vaccines. Many would say that it is immoral and wrong. These products are hidden with no label and have never been approved by any government agencies. During my research, I have read about several tests and studies that suggest potential for various harmful side effects. GMOs are ethically immoral and cause a threat to human growth in a variety of different ways.

Many nations believe that producing GM product will improve the world's economics. They believe GMOs can improve the agricultural economy by increasing quantities and decreasing growing time. Also, GM foods are said to be disease resistant. This is possible because the food is modified to resist the poisons of herbicides and pesticides. Some plants have pesticide and herbicide fluid genetically added to protect them, allowing farmers to save billions of dollars by to reducing the money spent on pesticides and herbicides. Will GMOs feed the world and make many people rich? Are GMOs a panacea?

You may all be wondering why GM products are a problem. Why would we remove GM products when they could help us so much? The reason why GM products should be eliminated is simply because every benefit creates a greater problem in the long run. I would like to begin with some discussion about moral principles. When scientists or geneticists begin changing the genetic make up and add chemicals and substances that could not other wise be incorporated naturally,...
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