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Topics: DNA, Genetically modified food, Genetic engineering Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Throughout this unit, we have learned methods and practices to genetically engineer food we eat. Some of the benefits that support genetically modified food are that farmers can grow greater fields of crops which would mean the more of the product we have, the prices for the consumer will go down and we can feed more people. Continually, it also means we can “improve” the DNA of the food we eat; as an example: some companies that grow tomatoes inject a gene from an arctic fish into the tomatoes to prevent the tomatoes from freezing. However, with every pro’s comes con’s. Firstly, it can be costly to grow genetically modified crops. Secondly, consumers may avoid purchasing genetically modified food due to lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown. Lastly, another con would be the decrease in genetic diversity and although the quality of the genetically modified food may increase, the choice and variety may decrease. The risks and benefits of genetically modified food can go on forever; however, if right now you were told you can create 3 new traits a genetic engineer might want to introduce into crops with no fear of risks. What would they be?

Firstly, I would change the climates that some food can originally grow in. There would be multiple benefits for the alterations of these genes. Some of the benefits include: increased production of products, price of products decreased, and employment would increase throughout the world due to more farming needed in all continents. An example of this would be the ability to grow rice in the middle of the winter, up north.

Secondly, a gene I would change in the food we eat is the physical appearance (i.e.: shape, colour, size). The reason behind this change would be strictly business appeal and for the health benefits of everyone. This genetically modified trait in food could help kids want to eat more fruits and vegetables, because what little girl wouldn’t want to eat pink broccoli? Also, as much as we deny that we...
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