Gm530 - Week 2 Assignment

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, 2006 albums, New York City Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Case Analysis: Conference Decision Case

A fundamental objective of the above case is to find a suitable location and time for the conference. It is obvious from the case that upper management is greatly in favor of the conference. Also, this conference is significant to the development of the organization. Therefore, it is very important that the conference organizers decide on a location and time that will be comfortable for the attendees. Keeping cost the same is a fundamental objective in this conference decision case. If the cost of the conference rises, the conference could lose some attendees. So whatever decision is implemented has to be cost effective for the attendees and the organization. When considering a solution for this problem, we should stir clear of the ones that could potentially increase cost on the conference and the attendees. It is a possibility that some potential attendees could base their decision on whether to attend the conference or not, on increase costs. Another fundamental objective is to make sure that there is maximum attendance at the conference. Securing maximum attendance is key to the success of the conference .When considering the solution to the problem, the organizers have to make sure that their decision to the problem does not prevent attendees from attending the conference.

There are several alternatives that should be considered in solving the problem with the user’s conference. One possible alternative is to cancel the conference. This alternative may not be the best one due to resistance from upper management. Also, cancelling the user’s conference may have a negative impact on the bottom- line of the organization. Another alternative will be to keep the original dates of the conference and move it to a different city. Time constraint could make this alternative challenging. The conference is in two weeks therefore moving the...
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