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General Motors Company is an American global auto-manufacturer with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. It is world’s second largest automaker after Toyota. GM is conducting business in more than 157 countries, employing over 209,000 people. It manufacture cars and trucks in 31 countries and sell, service its product through these divisions-Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Holden and Vauxhall. It was established in 1908. It has led global sales for continuous 77 years from 1931 to 2007. In recent years GM has faced many financial losses i.e. 103.7 billion loss from year 2005-2009. In 2009 it was reorganized by US government under bankruptcy protection program. It was re-listed on major stock exchanges in 2010 with the world’s biggest IPO. German government helped to save GM’s European unit with finance. It has earned around 4.7 billion in 2010 but still has a huge debt to pay-off. VISION & MISSION STATEMENT: -

The proposed new vision for GM is as follows: For GM to become the automotive industry leader in alternative fueled vehicles and providing superior quality products that global consumers call to mind when they think of quality and innovation. “The new proposed mission statement will be as follows: GM will become an industry leader, not a follower. To regain lost market share that was lost to foreign competition, and once again be the auto industry leader in sales and market share in today’s global market” PEST Analysis of General Motors: -

Political Factors: - GM is affected by political factors as US govt. has financed it through bankruptcy protection. So, government interference in nominating board of directors and framing policies has increased considerably. As GM is a big player in global auto industry, it is subject to various government regulations in the countries it operates. Increasing concern for environment and safer automobiles has led to these regulations. Economic factors: - GM has been suffering losses for many years in a row with...
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