Gm Food

Topics: DNA, Genetically modified food, Nutrition Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 17, 2011
As the population in the world seems to be a huge serious problems, the demand on foods will be taken a very important role on solving this problems. Fortunately, biotechnological scientists had developed a technique which can modify organisms genetically (GMO). Genetically Modified Organisms are the process normally transferring genes, which were so-called DNA, between two species. Those organisms will be modified their genetic structure by using biotechnology. This technique can be used on improving crops, animals and micro-organisms.         As I am the President of the Science Club, I totally appreciate to use GMO technique. However, many people think cloning will ruin the future generations and it is unethical to reproduce living things. Undoubtedly, cloning will bring us numerous of advantages and we would be very foolish not to use it.         First of all, cloning can help improve the quality of foodstuffs. For instance, the organisms can defend diseases and infections after being modified. In US, framers stated said that numerous of corns were easily be ruined by grasshopper, but after the modification of corns, its become fungal resistant which can reduce fungicide and insecticide use. Moreover, cloning can improve the nutritional quality in foodstuff. Thus this can help third-world countries improve their citizen. Nowadays milk can carry antibiotic and other vitamin. In the future, injections and pills may be replaced by the antibiotic carrying milk.         The other advantage is cloning reduce the cost or even reduce the facilities for storage. Since the days needed for growing crops can be reduced, then the efficiency can be improved, too. Instead of this, it can help framers transport their products. For instance, tomato can be prevented from germs and corns can be improved in heat stability, or even maize can be reduced the demand on water, so that it can be grown in desert.         The nest point there is no evidence to suggest that GM...
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