Gm Climate, Culture, Charateristics

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GM Climate
-The Company’s Traditional Structure

The old GM historically had a Vertical organizational structure. The rigid hierarchy may have contributed to some of the problems they faced as globalization increased competition. GM had many different companies centralized and all tied to the GM name. This created many redundancies in management, and this reflected in the products. Both Chevrolet and GM each made a van, the Astro and the Sierra. For all intents and purposes these vans are identical, but they were manufactured by two different companies under the General Motors umbrella. The higher levels of management decided what was required for all subordinate levels, and that was a one way street. The CEO’s, CFO’s, and top executives made all decisions for middle management down to the individual dealerships. Executives even decided what customers desired, with no feedback from customers, dealerships, or operational level managers. When the economy began to slow GM did not reduce production in response.

(Functionality of the organizational structure : The functionality of the organization's structure refers to how responsibility - and even more importantly, authority - is assigned throughout the organization.)


GM Culture
-big and move fast.
They believe in accountability from every member of our team and we demand results from everyone. In short, the GM culture is all about creating excellence— and providing our team members what they need in order to contribute to that success. They have focused leadership in every area of the company, and with fewer brands, theycan put more resources into our core brands, resulting in quicker production and, ultimately, better products. GM is a place where you have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through collaborating with team members worldwide. And, your career can take you to work on different brands, in different lands, on different global teams. At GM, we’re moving forward, and...
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