GM 588 Course Project

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Leading Building and Sustaining Performance and Excellence

GM 588 Managing Quality


Russell Roberson


“The North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (DJJDP) were established in July 2000 as the first cabinet-level agency to focus on juvenile justice issues and at-risk youth in the state”. Seeking to provide a single cabinet-level agency focused on deterring juvenile from crime through sanctions and prevention programs, former Governor Jim Hunt established the Office of Juvenile Justice. After a final name-change in November of 2000, the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention became the official agency for at-risk youth in North Carolina. DJJDP manages all criminal and delinquency problems in the entire state which covers all 100 counties in North Carolina. The department is made up of several different areas; however, this proposal will focus on the counseling industry. Providing Quality Counseling and records management is the main service that’s provided. The department has a new Quality Management process that’s conducted once a year on the district and done quarterly on employees specifically. These processes consist of a team of managers and some lower level employees reviewing case load files. This is done to manage organization and services recommended per the judges’ recommendations. The problem area will not focus on the entire department but involve the main district which is known as District 10. This district’s located in one of the largest cities in North Carolina, Raleigh. This is also where the central office for DJJDP is located and where the sources of the problems seem to reside. This district’s been ridiculed for several issues over the past year. The issues range from not providing quality service to families, professional environment and maintaining departmental standards. If quality management was to improve in this department productivity would increase in a dramatic way. Some gains that would be noticed would be a higher moral with the staff. Also, the department would be somewhat protected from being sued for not providing a quality service. Since the industry is directly related to court mandated counseling it can be difficult to get a tremendous amount of customer satisfaction, but some people who aren’t disgruntled will offer feedback. Morale is at an all time low and the turnover rate is steady rising due to inner office turmoil. Problem Statement

Recently the 10th District office of the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention came under fire for not providing quality service, professionalism and maintaining departmental standards. A recent quality control report shows that this specific district does have issues, however the report is inadequate to other issues specific to this district. As long as this information is ignored the department will continue to lack quality services and not meet the department’s standards. The 10th District is comprised of quality employees that can learn to enhance work skills when measured on an equal platform. The final outcome will hopefully represent “Leading Building and Sustaining Performance and Excellence”.

The 10 District is plagued by a number of issues that have a drastic effect on the departments moral and turnover rate. The department’s been scrutinized for not providing quality service to clients. The problem is that the service counselors provide is not directly related to the counselor per say. The counseling that’s provided is a culmination of other agencies that aren’t apart of our office. Many of the clients are court mandated to participate in counseling from outside sources with-in the county network.

The department doesn’t provide ongoing training for the counselors. When employees are hired with the department two days of training are offered in the counseling...
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