glue from milk

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     4 small bottles (to contain milk glue)
     1 bowl (for mixing curds with baking soda and water for texture)      2 cups (for measurement of milk)
     1 spoon (for mixing purposes)
     1 pot (for heat purposes)
     4 sheets of filter paper
     1 pail
     1 20cm x 20cm piece of wood
     4 5cm x 5cm piece of wood
Powdered milk makes the strongest milk glue because of its high protein content. This is because casein is a protein which is present in milk and gives milk its white colour. It contains all the essential amino acids required by humans, making it of high nutritional value. Casein is also used in the manufacture of adhesives, binders, and other things. It is frequently found in other nondairy cheese substitutes to improve consistency, especially when melted. Casein glue can be used on wood with up to 15% moisture content as well as oily woods. Commercial casein glues contain dried curd casein, lime, sodium salts and fungicide. However, insects, mice, mold and bacteria also love casein glues. Curd is formed as a result of the chemical reaction between casein and lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria in milk causes the coagulation of casein and so converts the milk into curd. Curd can also be obtained by coagulating milk with an edible acidic substance, vinegar in this case, and then draining off the liquid portion, which is the whey. During the heating process, the curd is separated from the liquid, which is the whey. The heat helps to speed up the separation process. The curds will then dry to form casein, which also acts as an adhesive. The vinegar is acidic, and so it curdles the solids so they can be separated from the whey, and the baking soda neutralises any acid that remains. From our experiment and the results that we have obtained, we can conclude that our hypothesis is correct and a protein content in milk will make the glue stronger and stickier. This is due to the casein in milk which gives the glue the adhesive quality. We have found that as a result, powdered milk makes the best milk glue, and it is able to withstand the greatest weight before the wood breaks off. Starch is used in cooking for thickening purposes and its industrial applications include the manufacture of adhesives. Therefore, when it is added to the glue it strengthens it. Leave a Comment

Data Analysis
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The milk which had the highest protein content was the powdered milk, followed by the non fat and reduced fat milk, and then the full cream milk. Full cream milk had the highest fat content, followed by reduced fat, powdered, and then non-fat. Powdered milk had the most carbohydrate and calcium, followed by non-fat and reduced fat, and then lastly full cream milk. During the experiment, the greatest amount of baking soda added to achieve a suitable consistency was to the non-fat milk. Reduced fat milk and powdered milk required the least. Similarly, non-fat milk also required the most water to achieve a suitable consistency. Reduced fat milk required the least and powdered milk the second least. Full cream milk was the weakest glue, and it gave way after 1300 ml of water. Non fat milk was next, after 3000 ml of water, followed by reduced fat milk, after 3600 ml of water. The strongest glue was powdered milk glue, which held up to 4400 ml of water before the wood broke off. From this experiment we can conclude that the strongest milk glue was that made from powdered milk. In the second part of the experiment, we have found that when starch when added to powdered milk glue will give the strongest glue which can support the weight of the bucket and 4000ml of water.

Try this: Make glue from milk
You will need
2 cups
a spoon for stirring
coffee filter paper or piece of thin rag
1 packet of powdered non-fat milk
baking soda
set of measuring spoons
measuring cup
hot water
paper or...
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