Glossing of Jane Eyre

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Christina Melay
Brit. Lit
Professor Lowenstein

What kind of child was Jane Eyre?

Jane from the very beginning of the story was shown to be an orphan. Her mother died and father died, so she never had the love of caring parents. They both died from a diseases called typhus. After they died Jane’s uncle, John Reed took her in as his own. Unfortunately he died not too long after and left Jane in the care of Mrs. Reed. Mrs. Reed and her three children treated Jane Horribly. You can say that she was a slave. They mistreated her so bad that she feared them especially the son. He tortured her on a daily basis. She abused mentally all the time when they would tell her she’s nothing and no one loves her. She was abused physically when she was pushed around by Mrs. reeds son and hurts her head. Later on Jane got sick and after talking to Mr. Lloyd someone that was tending to her, she decides she would rather go to school. And Mrs. Reed was so elated and decided to have an interview with the head master of LoWood ,Mr. Brocklehurts. LoWood was an all girls orphans asylum. Mrs. Reed convinces and warns Mr.Brocklehurts to keep a close eye on Jane because she is a very deceitful child. Jane responds and said that she isn’t deceitful. She explains that if she was deceitful she would have said she loved Mrs. Reed but she doesn’t. In facts she hates her but not as much as she hates her son. When Jane reaches LoWood this weren’t that different for her there. She along with all the other girls were also being mistreated. They were being given burnt porridge to eat and for the most part no one really ate. So they were basically starved. Jane during her time at LoWood became best friends with a girl named Helen Burnt. Who was basically someone that gave her advice and stayed true to her. Eventually she died as well. So as a child though Jane had to endure many hardships she was truly brave and strong to deal with so many...
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