Glory Road

Topics: Basketball, Don Haskins, Racism Pages: 2 (925 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Glory Road
The movie Glory Road is based upon the 1966 Texas Western Basketball team. A team that is best known for helping to break the color barrier in college basketball. Led by Head Coach Don Haskins, the Miners were able to overcome tremendous discrimination shown to their players as well as Coach Haskins and his family. During this time African Americans experienced an incredibly large amount of racism and discrimination not only on the basketball court, but in everyday life. Glory Road portrays this racism and discrimination shown to the both the black players and Coach Haskins family. Determined to make a statement to not only the college basketball community but society as well, Haskins found a way to integrate his team and become a success. By overcoming the immense amount of discrimination shown to both its players and Coach the 1966 Texas Miners basketball team was able to make a statement to society throughout an era of American history filled with racism and hate. The most common form of discrimination shown throughout the movie was the racism received by the players at Texas Western. During 1966 racism was not only commonly seen throughout college basketball, but throughout society as well. It stood a huge barrier in college basketball which neglected many talented African American basketball players from even Ward 2

receiving a chance to play. Though being talented many people felt blacks were incapable of staying mentally composed during the course of a game. They were inferior to white basketball players and therefore not given an opportunity. With the intention winning Coach Haskins recruited a number of very young and talented African Americans. He integrated them with the whites that were already on the team to make a very good basketball team. Throughout the course of the season the black Miners received an immense amount of discrimination. This included trash being dumped upon them when trying to enter...
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