Gloria Steinem’s Role in Changing the Role of Women in Society

Topics: Gloria Steinem, Feminism, Gender role Pages: 4 (1673 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Gloria Steinem’s Role in Changing the Role of Women in Society Gloria Steinem is known as a prominent figure of the women’s liberation movement. Many regard her as the most famous feminist leader. She has revolutionized how most people perceived women’s role in society. Steinem started as a journalist in 1962, and has changed women’s roles in journalism through her writing. Steinem also worked on many political campaigns to ensure equal rights for women were represented in politics. She also brought a new and refreshing radical side to the second-wave feminist movement. Gloria Steinem has helped positively change society’s perspective on women’s roles at home and in the workplace through her work in journalism, involvement in political campaigns, and her political activism. Gloria Steinem’s career in journalism has revolutionized how we view women in society. In 1962, Steinem started working as a freelance writer for Esquire. That year, she first published an article on women who were forced to choose between a career and marriage, challenging the views of the time period (McLellan 1). In 1963, Steinem wrote an article about being a Playboy bunny, titled “I Was a Playboy Bunny”. In the article, she described the objectification and difficult conditions Playboy bunnies were subjected to while working for little pay. In a postscript written years after the article was published, Steinem said: “…long term results of this article were: …Realizing all women are bunnies. …I also began to take pleasure in the connections it made with women who might not have picked up a feminist book or magazine, but who responded to the rare sight of realistic working conditions and a group of women who supported each other.” (Steinem 75). This reveals how Steinem was able to touch women through her journalism and empower them to make changes. In 1971, Steinem founded Ms. Magazine, which was the first magazine to display a woman’s viewpoints on political, social,...

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