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An overview on Globus 
About its Brand ambassadors
Tagline and Logo
7 P’s of Marketing
Product Life Cycle
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Print Ads ( Promotion )
Visit to Globus stores
3. ABOUT GLOBUS..(Overview)
Launched in January 1998, Globus is a part of the Rajan Raheja group.  The company opened its first store in 1999 at Indore followed by the launch of its second store in Chennai (T-Nagar). The flagship store in Mumbai was opened on 1st November 2001 As of May 2008, Globus has opened its 24th Store in Nagpur and the journey continues... 4. SOME CELEBS PROMOTING GLOBUS

(Kareena Kapoor)
(Soha Ali Khan)
5. Globus was also Promoted by Amrita Arora and Kunal Kapoor 6. LOGO OF GLOBUS
The Globus has a logo which has Globus written in a simple way yet shows a stylish font and defines being trendy. It has a background color which is green and defines a new color every time. 7. TAGLINE OF GLOBUS


* “Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd. was formed to contribute in the revolution sweeping the retail industry. * Achieve customer delight by offering quality products and services through a process of continuous innovation and adaptation.” 8. 7 P’s OF MARKETING

9. Product
‘The' iconic youth fashion brand in India. 
* Handbags from La Belle and Carlton London.
* Footwear from Enroute and Carlton London.
* Accessories from Globus.
* Kids wear from Daffodils, Lilliput, Barbie, Catmoss and Ruff. * Mens wear from Flying machine, Spykar, Indian Terrain, Provogue, US Polo, Pepe Jeans, Mufti and Proline. Product
11. Price
Affordable garments that are trendy and fashionable and keeps pace with the changing trends. 12. Place

* Globus has currently 25 stores across 14 cities and towns in India. * It wants to establish Globus as synonym for...
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