Globe Theater

Topics: William Shakespeare, Globe Theatre, Richard Burbage Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: April 15, 2007
The Globe Theater

The Globe Theater was probably the most famous as well as the most important theater in the Elizabethan era. It stood on the southern shore of the Thames River in London (in Southwark to be exact). The main reason the Globe Theater was especially famous is the fact that many of William Shakespeare's plays were written and performed there. The idea of creating plays and theaters to perform them in was a strange new concept for the Europeans of the Elizabethan Era.

The Chamberlain Company built the theater. William Shakespeare and James Burbage were members of this company, and the profits they made from acting helped to build the Globe Theater. Burbage died in 1597, but his sons continued the fight to build the theater, and in 1599, the Globe Theater was completed. The sons reused the wood from the old Globe, but this was not enough to complete the building. Many people were invited to invest in the theater, but only five people bought shares and the actors that actually used a theater owned no other theater. This gave the company a great advantage over many other theaters. Since there were investors, the costs were shared. This made money less of a problem. The company was saved of rent fees and gave the globe a permanent home (Constabile 2). Since Shakespeare was one of the investors, it really made the globe his theater. The Globe Theater made the very bold claim, "There is nothing in the whole round world which this theater cannot set before your eyes" (Constabile 1), and Shakespeare set out to accomplish this great task. This task he achieved. The Globe Theater was destroyed by fire in 1613, and rebuilt in 1614, and completely renovated in 1987. The Globe Theater is undoubtably the most significant Elizabethan Theater in history.

Twice a year, William Shakespeare's great plays were performed. Londeners of every sort enjoyed going to the theater. The audience consisted of mostly courtiers, merchants, lawyers,...
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