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Topics: Aishwarya Rai, Culture, The World Is Flat Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 1, 2007
Dleep Kumar
Test Assignment
14 November 2006
Is The World Really Becoming A Global Village?
Before addressing the issue whether the world is really becoming a global village, it is necessary to look at the term ‘Global Village'. In the dictionary term ‘global' means worldwide international, whereas term ‘Village' means a rural community of humans. Therefore, meaning of term ‘global village' can be extracted as international community comprising of humans. [01] In other words, the term ‘global villages' can be defined as a priority less platform where anyone from anywhere can participate without any hindrance or delay and whose laws and rules are same for everyone. By this self assumed definition, one can immediately think of internet as the proposed platform. Of course, it's the rise of internet and media related technologies which have turned this world into a so called ‘Global Village'.

Gone is the time, when one used to wait for days to learn about the news of some distant place. It is the same world where one learns of news of some place across the globe within a fraction of second due to the technological advancements. Perhaps, synchronization of such magnitude has really close-knitted this world together so much that it appears as a real single universal community comprising of different people. Thus it will not be wrong to admit to one's statement that the world has really become a "Global Village."

By observing intimately at any village's characteristics and identities, it can be profoundly recognized that its residents do posses one common culture, united thoughts, similar objective to live, united aim for future, common religious practices and undistinguishable desires. After looking at these points, one can argue that it's the same happening to this world now. By looking at the following examples, it can indeed be found out that its true. Michael Jackson is famous for music all around the world. Aishwarya Rai is known and...

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10 November 2006
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