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| |Contents |page | | |Introduction |2 | | |Definition of Globalization |2 | | |Company Overview |4 | | |Background and Resources |4 | | |Overseas Markets and International Entry Modes |4 | | |Franchising into China |6 | | |Market Research |6 | | |Franchising Development and Success Factors |7 | | |Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising |7 | | |Advantages of Franchising |7 | | |Disadvantages of Franchising |8 | | |Overall Evaluation |8 | | |Joint Venture with Japanese Firms |9 | | |Market Research |9 | | |Joint Venture Development |9 | | |Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Venture |10 | | |Advantages of Joint Venture |10 | | |Disadvantages of Joint Venture |10 | | |Overall Evaluation |11 | | |Conclusion |12 | | |References |13 |

1. Introduction

After global market was opened, a number of Korean companies also advanced into other countries as world trends. Obviously, some big international companies such as Samsung and LG had exported their products and sold out overseas since the last duration of 20th century, those firms have made benefit and recorded black-ink balances from the abroad markets since early in the 1980s, however, a number of medium businesses still could not advance into other market easily then because of tariff barriers and tax policy, etc. As the situation, many medium businesses were grown up in domestic market through franchising and direct investment in such cases. Since around the middle of 1990s, those countries have started to open their market, and those medium businesses also could enter the other countries’ market easily. But there is still a lot of risks were latent.

As Korean particular structure of food industry, delivery service is common as the old culture, so developed some menus which is can cook fast but easily such as the fried...

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