Globalization Of Nothing Analysis

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George Rizer is a distinguished sociologist, professor and writer who studies, globalization and its effects on society. He is well-known for his book on The Globalization of Nothing. Ritzier states the nature of globalization in terms of the consumption of goods and services. In this summary I will be discussing the different theories of Ritzer’s analysis, Something or Nothing, Globalization, Glocalization, Grobalization, Capitalism, Mcdonalization, and Americanization.
Something or Nothing
Something is broken down into four subtypes (places) local diner where people like to eat such as Cracker Barrel. (Things) such as a one of a kind paintings Van Gogh. (People) a local hair stylist who knows your name by the type of work that would be performed.
Nothing is broken down into four subtypes
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Capitalism today is the social system that exists in all countries of the world. This would be the class division also under this system, there would be (land, factories, technology, transports, etc.) are owned by a small minority of people. Those people must sell their ability to work in return for a wage or salary (this is considered the working class). Example I go to work every day in return of performing my job I get paid a salary.
Mcdonalization more fast food restaurants, social structure and institution are using the Mcdonalization process. The five components are efficiency, predictability, calculability, substitution of non-human for human technology and control. In society today, individuals’ are acting like robots and this is very disturbing. An example is in third world countries the menus items are changed to suit that countries taste palate.
Americanization is defined as the American culture and business, media, cuisine popular culture and technology are used in some third world cities. Example American DVD’s can be sold (bootlegged) on the streets of third world

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