Globalization in Thai

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Globalization in Thailand
Nowadays, many countries around the world have established gradually closer contact, which is the result of unprecedented changes in communications, multinational company, transportation, and deregulation market. This phenomenon is known as globalization. Globalization causes changes in cultures, economies, laws, migrations, and politics across the globe. There are many people from the West who know Eastern culture. For example, Asians use chopsticks to eat and bowing is the way to pay respect in Japan. Hence, it can be included that these are good points of globalization. Another benefit is importing and exporting goods among countries; these will increase their countries’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which means their citizens earn more salaries than the normal rate. However, globalization also has drawbacks. Some people believe that it affects poor countries because they do not have sufficient power to compete with well-developed countries. These will cause problem in increasing the gap between less-developed and developed countries. Well-developed countries’ economy will grow faster and earn more benefit than less developed countries. Because of many advantages and disadvantages, this topic is very interesting to study. For this reason, I will discuss the effects of globalization on Thailand, which is the place I was born, and why does it bring more benefits than detriments to my country. Moreover, how it affects the Thai economy and culture is the main focus. This essay will be divided into 4 main parts: the description of globalization, what causes globalization, the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, and the effects of globalization in Thailand. The last section will include both positive and negative effects.

Definition of globalization
The most important thing to know before study the effect of globalization is the definition of globalization. However, there are no specific words to describe globalization because there are many different topics included in this title, such as, migrations, economics, global citizenship, politics, and cultures. Anthony (1990) stated that globalization is ‘multiplicity of linkages and interconnections that transcend the nation states which make up the modern world system’. Another meaning of globalization is the increase in interrelationship of culture, people, and economic activity with in the globe (Wikipedia, N.D.). In addition, I will give my definition of globalization as any relationship between nations around the world.

Cause of globalization
After knowing what is globalization, the next step is to know how globalization happens. There are many causes of globalization. The first cause is communication medium. Technology in aiding communications has been largely developed. It is easy and cheap to make a call to a friend who lives in a different country. This benefits people who do the international business. The greatest invention of communication medium is the Internet. Using the Internet to contact with people between different nations is cheaper than a call, such as Skype. This program uses the Internet to call to other people who install the program and the Internet for free or it can call to their phone with lower cost than making a call via telephone. Next cause is the development of transportation. Greater transportation greatly encourages people to travel between countries, because it is cheaper and faster. Thus, it is convenient for export and import goods and services as well. In addition to an improvement in transportation, multinational companies also cause globalization. These multinational companies increase number of employee migration and trading between nations. Cross-culture and economic activities between countries are the results of migration and trading. Last cause is the deregulation to encourage foreign firms to invest in such countries. These four causes are the main reason for the creation and development...

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