Globalization by Joseph Stiglitz

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Top 5 Rank in Globalization based on Jerry Harris Video
Globalization is one of the biggest issue that happened in the world. There are many definition that came up lately about what is globalization. Here I am has been watched the video by Jerry Harris talking about the concept of the globalization. And in this summarize I want to expanding about the globalization that already came up into my mind after watching the video.

Jerry Harris, 73 years in publication, in any languages. Coming from the Chicago, and now worked as a general secretary. He said that globalization has caused the transnational capitalist class. Trans national capitalist is like changing in structures in ownership, the growth of middle classes and increased social mobility. With the interventions nowadays, people come up with the big question about the globalization, is it United States project or world project? because based on trans national capitalist class there is accumulation to gather a lot of money whether in national or transnational, and global accumulation by the transnational class. and in facts those classes is the one who controlling the globalization in not only in business but also in politics. Why the transnational is one of the way to control the world, it is because each nations have a big different in needs and demands so they using win-win solution negotiations and fulfill demands not only in certain area but also in world-wide area. And that is how the multi-national cooperation were worked.

There are 3 keyword in change after globalization referred. That are Assets, Employment, and sales. Those things is part of the national markets and from that markets it will be expand into the global market using the assets, employment and sales. Besides using those aspects, another things that important enough is about the policy to protect the company from the outsider or the competitor. The strategy is using social contract or using the subsidies do the company may using a...
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