Globalization and the Effect of Conflicts & Terrorism Throughout the World After 1500

Topics: World War II, French Revolution, Communism Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Globalization and the effect of Conflicts & Terrorism throughout the World after 1500

“We live in a world that is simultaneously shrinking and expanding, growing closer and farther apart.... National borders are increasingly irrelevant. And yet globalism is by no means triumphant. Tribalism of all kinds flourish. Irredentism abounds”. (Attali, 1991: 117) The rate of global change is a remarkably fast process. Even people trained and focused on recording such changes remain at a loss due to the difficult task at hand. However, trends and patterns are often noted and rapidly transcend to topics of discussion in the media, classrooms, and the corresponding governments. One example of such terms is globalization. Although it is quite vague, the paradox is used to describe widespread diversity. Globalization displays a disposition that carries over to the lives of every person who walks the Earth by pointing out that our lives are progressively influenced by forces which have surpassed borders and are changing, forever life on this planet. The process of globalization is reshaping all levels of society. From an individual level, a person may experience a threat or boost to their livelihood due to events that are happening far from their region, such as a drought in a distant country where certain vegetables are domestically exported. However, on a larger scale, governments may succumb to threats from other powers and consequently experience a loss in their nations’ freedom. Both are examples of the concept that the world is more interconnected than ever before. The globe is essentially border-less in the twenty-first century. The origins of global interdependence can be largely contributed to the wars and battles fought throughout history for various reasons. Dating back to the American Revolution, the colonists saw a brighter future for their growing nation and took the necessary steps to ensure their freedom. This desire for freedom ultimately led to the...

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